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A powerful quote from Tamo Campos

Tamo Campos


Tamo Campos the co-founder of Beyond Boarding and the grandson of David Suzuki had lot to say after being arrested at the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Protest in Burnaby, BC. The statement he provided to the public was both powerful and moving. It provided a narrative to not just to the protest in BC but, it also provided a voice to public protest in Ferguson, and the one taking place in Hong Kong. With the question of “Is it radical to use police force to quell public opposition and public opinion?” Campos was successfully able to make the public question the events taking place in Burnaby and why their voices should be heard.

Climate Change

Healthy Urban Planning

“In promoting equity, central to healthy urban planning in a need to implement policies aimed at improving the living standards of disadvantaged and vulnerable populations and to bear in mind the diversity of city users in terms of age, gender, physical ability, ethnic origin, and economic circumstances. Putting the principles of equity at heart of urban planning practices reduces the imbalance in the urban fabric and problems associated with access to transport, air, and noise pollution and increase the quality of public spaces, social cohesion, healthy lifestyles and employment opportunities” (p. 23).


Barton, H & Tsourou, C. (2000). Healthy Urban Planning. New York, New York: World Health Organization.

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Reduce Private Transportation and Invest in Public Transit


A recent article published by Scientific America discovered that if cities where to invest towards public transportation and other alternatives it could greatly reduce the amount of carbon emissions produced by urban passenger transport. In Toronto an estimated 2,838,506  tonnes of Green House Gases (GHG) are produced by passenger vehicles. The article goes in depth and analyses both the investment and savings this will create towards cities. More importantly, the article examines the massive growth of cities and the car is linked to inequality.

I highly recommend you read the article to learn more information on urban sustainability.

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Anti-idling by-law in Mississauga

The City of Mississauga is currently is currently thinking of enforcing an anti-idling by-law to help reduce vehicles that idle, especailly those in drive-throughs. The Mayor, Hazel McCallion stated that it was contrary to have an anti-idling by-law in effects, yet still have drive-throughs in the City.


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