There is a need for urban ecology in our Cities. A recent publication from TD Bank states that urban foresty in Toronto is valued at $7 Billion. Now, I do believe the monetary value is used in most cases for it to be relatable for the general public. I think most would not understand the impacts of congestion, urban vegetation, or the July flood if there was not a monetary figure connected to it. The break down of this cost includes weather flow, carbon sequestering, and air quality. This does show how vital urban forestry is. Some of the damage from the July Flood in 2013 could of been mitigated if there was more urban forest. Hopefully, the City and other cities will begin to add more additional greenscpace in their planning since of the numerous benefits they provide.
From the publications it states:
Bottom line Urban forests are made up of the trees, shrubs and plants that grow in our yards and parks and that line our streets. Torontonians recognize that their urban forest represents an important investment in the city’s environmental condition,
human health and societal well-being.

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