Swallows use Automated Doors

irds living in urban areas have adjusted the frequency in which they vocalize due to road traffic. However, these swallows on a university campus have learned how to use motion sensor doors. Pretty cool form of adaptation.

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Anti-idling by-law in Mississauga

The City of Mississauga is currently is currently thinking of enforcing an anti-idling by-law to help reduce vehicles that idle, especailly those in drive-throughs. The Mayor, Hazel McCallion stated that it was contrary to have an anti-idling by-law in effects, yet still have drive-throughs in the City.


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How do you get to the city-core?

For the most part, we either drive to Downtown Toronto or take rail (TTC Subway, GO Train, and the TTC Streetcar). The opposition for having buses in the city core is that most believe that 40 feet vehicle would add to the already congested core and reduce business and development along its route.

This is not the case, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has been proven to provide quality-uninterrupted service along its path. It has the ability to increase pedestrian traffic, reduce congestion, and introduce and increase transit orientated development.

Although, we are not currently seeing any type of BRT construction in larger cities, they are predominant in suburban spaces through the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Mississauga, Brampton, and Vaughn all have BRT routes. With the case of the VivaNext line along Highway 7, there is a number amount of development and investment projects taking place due to the expected traffic.

Read more: http://www.theatlanticcities.com/commute/2014/05/importance-running-true-brt-through-downtown/9033/

Image from: NuPress Group Australia